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AAA Insurance AAA Insurance is the marketing arm of the AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Agency, purveyor of auto, home and life insurance products branded with one of the most familiar names in America. Our involvement with them includes print, digital, display and direct mail advertising, graphics development, presentations (internal and sales), and the occasional special project.

Gatefold Cover Ad in Regional Publications

One of AAA Insurance’s most effective tools is the use of seasonally themed insertions in regional publications, like this gatefold ad. The content always points up the insurance agency’s primary offerings (Auto/Home/Life); the concept is always engaging and inviting. Beyond the season-related graphics, variations in ad layout and content have included nods to related AAA services and AAA Store listings.

Autumn Promotion:

Summer Promotion:

The vibrant seasonal graphics are also used to inform related AAA Insurance ads in the parent company’s own super-regional magazine, AAA World… (in addition to the ads below, click here to see more ads for AAA Insurance).